In keeping with our commitment to quality, RGC&A provides exceptional construction management and construction engineering inspection services to insure projects run smoothly. Our staff maintains a variety of certifications, including ESPC for erosion control, asphalt and concrete testing and traffic control. We have experience working with a range of clients, including government organizations and private entities.

Typical project services include:

  • Tracking quantities for payment to contractor
  • Ensuring items conform to correct material certifications and conducting on-site fill material and concrete testing
  • Inspections of asphalt and aggregate materials from the plant or quarry
  • Bi-weekly erosion control inspections
  • Employee interview and certified payrolls
  • Adherence to DBE goals
  • Traffic control inspections regarding advance warning, signage and barrels
  • Quality control inspections
  • Coordinating with various stakeholders
  • Permit compliance
  • Observing and enforcing safety issues
  • Regular progress meetings


5MG Sewer Overflow Tank for HPUD

Knox County, TN

SR 33 Widening Roadway Inspection

Union & Claiborne Counties

SR 27 Scenic Highway CEI for TDOT

Rugby, TN

Licklog Hollow Road Bridge Replacement Design and Inspection

Sevier County, TN

Dry Gap Tank Inspection

Knox County, TN

Beaver Creek Brickyard

Knox County, TN