Utility Services

RGC&A has been designing and inspecting water and sewer projects since the early 1980s in the East Tennessee region and beyond. We work with utility district and municipal clients to find suitable funding sources such as CDBG, ARC, Rural Development and the Office of Surface Mining to provide critical water and sewer service to communities. Our staff works to meet quality and scheduling needs of each project.

Our typical utilities projects include: 

  • Funding applications, survey, design, bidding and inspection services
  • New water and sewer main designs
  • Water and sewer pump stations including site grading, controls and SCADA
  • Water and sewer storage tanks
  • Rehabilitation of sewer lines using pipe bursting, replacement and cure-in-place techniques
  • As-builts for use in record drawings and GIS


20 MGD Raw Intake

Hallsdale Powell

Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

2010 RD Project

Elkins Valley Road Tank

Hallsdale Powell

Gas Regulator

Monroe County, TN

Glades Road Pump Station

Sevier County, TN

King Hollow Road Pump Station

Sevier County, TN

W Vinegar Valley Road Pump Station

Blount County, TN

Water Treatment Plant Tube Settlers

Anderson County, TN